Various body exercises with Pepin adjustable Dumbbells

Various body exercises with Pepin adjustable Dumbbells
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The Pepin Adjustable Dumbbells set includes two handles, with different plates ranging from 5 pounds to 120 pounds per handle.

Adjusting the weight is relatively easy. You just need to unscrew the end cap, slide on the right plates, and screw it back on. It may not be as intuitive and easy as some of the other adjustable dumbbells on the market, but it’s quite simple and the mechanism is simple.

The bars are compatible with any plate with a 1-inch hole, so if you already have some at home, using Pepin Adjustable Dumbbells will be very profitable for you.

Various body exercises with Pepin adjustable Dumbbells

Are Pepin Adjustable Dumbbells Worth It?

Pepin Adjustable Dumbbells have gone through many changes over the years, and at first we didn’t recommend them for most home gym owners, however, after the company listened to customer feedback, we may now. . Adjustable dumbbells are a great value set.

As for price, you’re looking at about $433 for the entire set not including shipping, which may seem expensive to for you, but that includes all weights from 5 pounds to 120 per handle, so the fact that I am quite cheap.

When you compare it to the price of buying a full set of standard dumbbells, it is a very low price. And here we recommend it to you because it is the best choice for you in terms of value and quality.


The time it takes to adjust the weight is one of the most important things to think about when buying an adjustable weight set. If I’m in the middle of a workout, I don’t want to spend half an hour fiddling with useless mechanisms while setting up for my next set. The good news is that, thanks to a simple procedure, adjusting for weight gain isn’t too labor-intensive.

I wouldn’t recommend them for supersets because they take up too much time for that purpose, but for most it’s fine.


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