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Quad workout dumbbells

Best Quad Workout Dumbbells Exercises
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2 Best Quad Workout Dumbbells Exercises


Quad workout dumbbells To perform the goblet squat, you’re going to grab a dumbbell and hold it to your chest. Flip the dumbbell over to stand vertically and lift it at one end. In a standing position, you’ll place your palms together under the dumbbells as if you’re making a cup that resembles a large goblet. One end of the dumbbell will sit between your palms. Also, make sure to point your elbows down.

When performing the goblet squat, it’s important to understand that this squat variation is done with a straight torso, just like the front squat. The torso will be vertical with minimal bend at the waist. The shin will remain as vertical as possible as the hips are pushed back by bending at the knees.

Stand with feet about hip-width apart and toes slightly pointed. You will first begin the descent by pushing your hips back. Keep pushing your hips while maintaining a straight torso. Again, like the front squat, the goblet squat requires some mobility in the hips and thoracic spine.

Keep your torso and calves vertical as you lower because most of the bend is in the knees. Continue lowering until your thighs break parallel to the ground.
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2. Dumbbell sumo deadlift

Once your feet turn out, you’ll push your hips out and down, causing them to sink. Remember to keep your knees in line with your knees so that your thighs are parallel to your toes. Keep going down until you get close to parallel and come up. Ideally, you’ll move the dumbbells to the same depth as a barbell. It is located somewhere in the lower half of the calf. This is the starting position. Then you will rise up and then slowly come down. Be sure to pause at the ottom of each rep!

It’s best to think of these as strength exercises so try to use a pair of dumbbells that won’t allow more than 8 repetitions.
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Pros & Cons

  • The quad exercise is a simple dumbbell exercise.
  • If you’re a heavy lifter, another disadvantage to dumbbells is their limited weight. It’s tough to find a dumbbell that’s heavier than about 90 pounds.
  • That means if you’re the person who bench presses 250 pounds, dumbbells won’t work for you for every exercise.


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