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The best exercises with baadass dumbbells

Top 03 Best Dumbbell Rear Delt
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The best exercise with baadass dumbbells is listed in the paragraph below which I have shared with you from my personal experience.The best exercises with baadass dumbbells.

The dumbbells themselves are amazing. The knurling on the handles feels aggressive while not being overly bearing, and the weight feels just right when empty (the handle itself weighs 5 lbs with each screw weighing 2.5 lbs, bringing the total to 10 lbs with no plates).

The screws themselves have great knurling on the spinning side and nice stickers to indicate the different sizes (in my case, one for the 97.5-lb set and one for the 122.5-lb set).

Unfortunately, it looks like some of the stickers’ clear/plastic coating is already starting to wear off after two uses. They arrived slightly damaged (see the album) and with use it has peeled even more.

Using the dumbbells feels absolutely amazing. I cannot stress this enough, the function of these bad boys is perfect. They feel great resting on your legs before you begin (even with higher weights) and when they hit the ground they sound solid

. I was doing 90 lbs shoulder presses today and while I didn’t drop them from seated shoulder height, from about mid chest to the ground (on my stall mats) they made a nice thud, no plates shifted nor any screws came loose, they held up fantastically.

The Plates

The best exercises with baadass dumbbells

Additionally, the plates are dirty. They still have quite a bit of black dust all over them. I need to wipe them all down thoroughly with a microfiber towel as after two uses my hands are still getting black soot all over them.

Why did I buy them? Some of my standard plates have holes for handles in them and this made them quite a bit bigger than these plates (quarter of an inch or more even). These are slimmer and will allow me to load more onto the DBS with ease.

Loading and locking the dumbbells

The screw turns very smoothly though, and I put some additional 3 in 1 oil on it and the inside of the handle to help it spin even easier. It spins down with ease and tightens very well without any effort.

That said, it takes a moment to load them. If you are looking for dumbbells that you can do quick drop sets with, I don’t think these would be ideal. I am fortunate enough to have another set with clips that are very quick, albeit unsafe for anything over head with more than 60-70 lbs.


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