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Top 3 Lat Exercises With Dumbbell

Top 3 Lat Exercises With Dumbbell
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Top 3 lat exercises with dumbbells that are good for you The following are the top 3 lat exercises.

1. Incline Rows

How To Do It

Lie face down on the bench and hold the dumbbells with a neutral grip.
Drive your elbows back towards your hips until your elbows come in line with your torso. Aim to keep your elbows by your sides as you pull.
Control the weight back to full extension of the arms, allowing the dumbbell to pull you into a full stretch.


  • Lying face down prevents cheating. You cannot use torso momentum or leg drive to cheat the movement. This ensure all the loading and movement is controlled by your back.
  • The incline helps reinforce pulling towards your hip. I find rowing on the incline reinforces me pulling directly towards my hip rather than straight back. This makes it a good option for those struggling to feel their lats in other rowing movements.


  • Range of motion may be an issue. Those with longer arms may find themselves hitting the floor before their arms are at full extension. A quick fix for this is to stand leaning into the bench rather than fully sitting into it.

2.Dumbbell Yates Row 

How To Do It

  • Row the dumbbells back towards your hips. Think about pulling your elbows into your back pockets. Pull until your upper arm is in line with your torso.


  • Lower the dumbbells back to full arm extension, allowing the shoulders to retract and get a full stretch of the lat.


  •  This makes them a great option for those with strength goals and for training those lower rep ranges.


  •  Due to the more upright position of the Yates row, you are taking the lats through a slightly different range of motion and angle.


While the more upright torso has its benefits, it also cuts the range of motion you can train the lats through.

Therefore, I recommend pairing it with another rowing movement with a longer range of motion.

3 Dumbbell Lat Pullover

How To Do It

  • Lie with your upper back on a bench and hold your hips up off the floor in a glute bridge position (i.e. your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees bent and your thighs parallel to the floor). Hold a dumbbell up above your chest, but hold the head of the dumbbell rather than the handle.


  • Keeping your arms straight, lower the dumbbell backwards overhead. Keep lowering until you are in line with your head or until you no longer feel the load in your lats.


  •  The lat pullover allows you to train the more commonly used vertical pulling movement  (in reference to the body position) while still using dumbbells.


  •  The lat pullover isolates the latissimus dorsi far more compared to many of the other exercises discussed in this article.


  • Those with limited shoulder mobility, or pre-existing shoulder issues, may struggle to perform this movement through a full range of motion.


  •  The range of motion and positions of the lat pullover limit the amount of load you can use. Those with strength-related goals may be better off choosing exercises that allow more load.


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